We are sad to share that we are CLOSING at the end os SEPTEMBER, 2021. Exact date is to be determined soon.

The hotel in which we are located was sold and the building is scheduled for demolition October 1st.
We are hoping to relocate and are still in the process of finding a new location.

While this is NOT ideal for anyone, we assure you that Mancino's is NOT going out of business,
but rather is forced to close and/or relocate due to the sale of the building.

Thank you to the Chippewa Valley community for your loyalty over the past 25 years!!
We appreciate your business & support.
~The Mancino’s Team~
Established 1997

Homemade Grinders

Our grinders are home made and come in three sizes, a third, a half or a whole.

Fresh Baked Bread

Mancino's bread is baked fresh daily.

High Quality

Our grinders and pizzas contain high quality ingredients at an affordable price.

Generous Portions

Our grinders are loaded with tasty meats and veggies.