Mancino's DELIVERS right to your doorstep. No delivery charge added.
Call us directly 715-835-4100 or place your order ONLINE.

(Please do NOT email orders unless you call MANCINO'S first. Thank you!)

Mancino's starts taking orders at 9:00AM everyday. CLOSED ON TUESDAYS.


  • Order any number and kind of pizzas from the menu. Pay Menu price. There is a $20 minimum order requirement for delivery, but no delivery charge added.

  • Our largest pizza is a 16” pizza which has 10 slices. It serves 3-5 people depending upon whether you are serving adults or kids.

  • Large pizzas can also be cut into squares (16 pieces) or into 12 slices upon request.

  • 10" Gluten-Free pizza available with Udi's or cauliflower crust options.

Please note: when comparing prices with other pizza restaurants, be sure to ask what size pizza they are quoting you on. Most have a 14" Large and OUR Large is 16", which is 25% more pizza for the price.

Homemade Grinders

Our grinders are home made and come in three sizes, a third, a half or a whole.

Fresh Baked Bread

Mancino's bread is baked fresh daily.

High Quality

Our grinders and pizzas contain high quality ingredients at an affordable price.

Generous Portions

Our grinders are loaded with tasty meats and veggies.