For the best

Mancinos has a wide variety of catering options for any event. We cater events such as family gatherings, business meetings, rehearsal dinners, baby showers, sporting events and many more. Mancinos offers grinder platters, party salads, pasta platters, cookie platters, and any other sides on the menu such as chips, drinks, and soups.

We can accommodate any amount of grinders on to platters for your event. For grinder platters, a whole grinder, which is about 17 inches long, is cut into quarters so each serving is just over 4 inches. We usually recommend having enough pieces for each person to have two.

For the total cost of a platter, choose the type and number of whole grinders from the menu and pay the price of each grinder. There is a $4.00 fee for the platters that will be added to the total cost. For hotel banquet room orders, the platter fee is waived and platters are the property of Mancino’s.

If you choose to not have your grinders put on a platter, we can still cut in ¼’s & wrap them as wholes so you can place them on a platter of your own if you want.


  • Choose 3 or less different kinds of grinders for each platter.
  • Whole grinders look and are served best when cut into ¼’s (about 4” sandwich) which is standard, but can be cut into 1/6th’s (about 3” sandwich piece) if requested.
  • We cannot separate the grinders into sections on a platter due to limited space, but do our best to keep like grinders adjacent to one another.
  • Plan on 2 pieces/servings or less per person.
  • If serving chips & cookies and/or soup & salad with the grinders, then the portions will go farther.
  • Keep in mind who’s eating also. If mostly men, they may need more. If mostly women, they may need less.

  • A Veggie Party Salad costs $21.99 and serves 12-15 people.
  • It consists of romaine and iceberg lettuce, onions, green peppers, fresh mushrooms, cheddar cheese and tomato wedges.
  • Chicken can be added to the veggie party salad for an additional $5.00 or $22.99 for the platter.
  • A Greek Party Salad is also available which consists of lettuce, onions, green peppers, feta cheese, tomatoes and black olives served with Ranch dressing and 6 packets of Balsamic Vinaigrette for an additional $5.00 or $22.99 for the platter.
  • A Chef Party Salad consists of the basic salad platter with ham, turkey and salami added and costs and additional $5.00 or $22.99 for the platter.
  • Party Salads are served with 2 of 3 choices of dressings: Ranch French or Low-fat Italian. If other dressings are preferred, there is a list of choices included on the menu, under “salads”. The price per additional packet of dressing is $0.39 each.
  • Party Salads are served with tongs for the salad and spoons for the dressings.

  • Each Pasta Platter is served with 10 pieces of garlic bread which is included in the price.

  • Each Pasta Platter is 10”x12”, is made with 40 oz. of cooked pasta and serves up to 10 people.

  • Your choices and prices are:
    • Baked Spaghetti with marinara sauce and cheese… $31.99
    • Baked Spaghetti with Sausage or sliced Meatballs, marinara sauce and cheese......$35.99
    • Baked Fettuccine with alfredo sauce and cheese…. $35.99
    • Baked Fettuccine with Chicken or Crab & Seafood, alfredo sauce and cheese………………………$39.99
    • Add a veggie (mushrooms, onions, green peppers or tomatoes) to any platter for $2.00 per veggie.

  • Napkins are standard with most orders and included in the price. However, there will be a charge for foam plates & napkins and plastic forks & knives when needed for 15 or more people.

  • Bag of Ice: $3.00

  • Catering Delivery is available to any office or department. There is a $25.00 minimum order, which can be waived for nearby clinics and hospitals. Gratuity is not included for deliveries but is encouraged.

  • 18% service charge/gratuity and 5.5% tax is added for all hotel banquet room orders.